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My name is Olivia Garcia-Hassell,
for the purposes of "The OG Art Teacher," I pretend that the "H" is silent. However, both sides of my family are an integral aspect of how I found my way into advocating for the creative arts.

I am an artist, a writer, and a certified art teacher.
I have taught and made art since 2009.
My pronouns are she/her.
I got my BFA in Art Education at the University of North Texas.
I graduated in 2009 and began teaching bilingual elementary level art.
I am certified to teach K-12 art, I speak/read/write passable Spanish, and I have worked alongside many abilities and ages.

In my opinion, art is play and art is therapy. Creating with our hands, heads, and hearts is an excellent relaxation technique, a bonding experience, a meditative and therapeutic technique. Art is a verb, for me, it is about the process, the adventure, and less about an end goal. It is about exploring what you want, what you need, and who you are.

I believe art is a way to experience yourself on a deeper level. No matter what your "skill" level is. I believe that art is for everyone and anyone can do it with me. This is a judgement-free-zone. This is the mission I teach with. When I share my knowledge with you, I adapt my techniques to guide all levels, from "non" creatives, to seasoned artists, art is for everyone.

I take commissions for watercolors, gouache paintings, pencil drawings, charcoals, logos, and custom designs. Send me photos and I can replicate your idea as a beautiful watercolor/gouache painting or pencil drawing that will bring years of joy for you or the person you give this unique gift to.

I can creatively adapt to any budget, contact me to talk about your commission or art session today!
Contact me: TheOGArtTeacher@gmail.com

I would love to teach you virtual art sessions, or local, in person, sessions in Fort Worth, Texas.
Contact me: TheOGArtTeacher@gmail.com